The Muerto Soldado replaced the Exquias during Adelio Valdez's rise in Power. They are lead by Esqueleto Corcel.


All of the members wear white long sleeved shirts with a zipper along the right side and white gloves. They have white hakama held up by a black belt. All of them wear skeleton like masks, each with two horns and slits for eyes. None of the soldiers have spoken with light moans and grunts when dying.


Enhanced Durability- They are immune to sickness, disease and aging. However being killed in battle is enough... It says it all in that sentence, Killed.

Sonido- They are profficient in Sonido being able to move at agile speeds.

Master Swordsmanship- They are skilled at fighting with their Zanpakuto. However, none have been seen releasing it.


  • They may be made the same way Rudobon created the Exequias, as Esquleto can control his bones in battle.
  • Muerto Soldado is translated as Dead Soldiers.

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