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Muhonootourou (lit Flameless Lantern) is the Zanpakutou of Tanfon. It is the sister Zanpakutou to Takibitourou.

Sealed State

Unknown. Tanfon has never been seen carrying anything that could be her Zanpakutou's Sealed State, and the Shikai lantern just appears in her hand when she says the release command.


When the release command "Glow brightly" is said, a lantern appears in Tanfon's hand.

Shikai Abilities

The lantern has the ability to produce and manipulate light. It can release a glow of pure light to illuminate the area, but it also can do the following:

  • Lamp Glow: Glows to illuminate dark areas.
  • Flash Light: Creates a flash of light to briefly blind the opponent.
  • Light Invisible: By reflecting light, Tanfon can become invisible.
  • Light Copies: By manipulating the light, Tanfon can create illusionary copies of herself.
  • Rainbow Bridge: Creates a solid rainbow for use as a bridge or shield.
  • Sparkle Blast: Shoots sparkles of light that explode when hitting something.
  • Light Beam: Shoots a laser of pure light at a target.
  • Healing Glow: Heals light to moderate wounds with a soothing glow.


Not yet achieved

Bankai Abilities


Zanpakutou Spirit

The Zanpakutou's spirit takes the form of a glowing ball of light.

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