Mure Karasu (lit. Flocking Crows) is the Zanpakuto of Jinsoku Enzeru, Captain of the 3rd Division.

Mure Karasu
Mure Karasu
English Translation Flocking Crows
User Jinsoku Enzeru
Shikai Abilities 1 Ability
  • Kusari Suto-mu
Shikai Mure Karasu
Shikai meaning
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown


Mure Karasu is a tall, pale skinned man with dark black eyes. His skin is brutally scarred, and the right side of his body is covered in black feathers. He wears a ripped hakama similar to the Shinigami, with two chains instead of an obi. Under his eyes, he has two black marks and appears to always be smiling. He suffers from Insomnia. He has one clawed hand, covered in a black metal.


Synical and mentally distraut, Mure Karasu has a deprived killing intent. He loathes for blood and would cut an ally to see it. He can be quite sarcastic, normally most of the time. He enjoys fighting and will not only do it for Jinsoku, but will do it for his own enjoyment.


Shunpo Master- Due to his bird like qualities, he movees quite agile and gentle. When ever he moves, he leaves a swarm of black feathers confusing the enemy. He has shown to apply it to his fighting.

Swordsmanship Expert- Whenever he calls out the kamisama of his own Shikai, he shows off his skills in wielding thme. His signature grace with his overall power can take out even the strongest Hollow with one blow.

Darkness Control He seems to be able to travel through shadows, popping up out of nowhere often. He uses this to travel short distances.


  • He is similar to Ryuk, a Shinigami in Deathnote'.

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