Nagaia-mu (lit. Long Arm) is a Zanpakuto of unknown ownership. It is a Physical Shapeing Zanpakuto that alters the body.

English Translation Long Arm
User Unknown
Shikai Abilities Sutorecchi (lit. Stretch)
Shikai Nagaia-mu
Shikai meaning Long Arm
Bankai Abilities Gomubodi (lit. Rubber Body)
Bankai Nagaia-mu za Raba
Bankai meaning Long Arm of the Rubber


Nagaia-mu (lit. Long Arm) is a unique Zanpakuto that alters the wielders body shape into a rubber like form. The Zanpakuto is sealed as a odachi with a red handle and oval shaped guard. Nagaia-mu has been described as Swift. The release phrase for this Zanpakuto is Hari (lit. Stretch).

  • Shikai: When activating Shikai, Nagaia-mu keeps its normal state and turns into a rubber substance. It will wrap around the wielders arm and let them stretch their body to a great degree. The wielder will also gain an uncontrollable hunger.
  • Bankai: In Bankai, Nagaia-mu becomes Nagaia-mu za Raba (lit. Long Arm of the Rubber). The wielder will ingest the rubber sword and will become full rubber. They will be able to stretch their body beyond what the eye can see. They also are immune to most physical strikes and can deflect most projectiles. An added effect is that their clothes will stretch as well.

Zanpakuto Spirit

The Spirit of Nagaia-mu has a traditional black hair piece with a long braid and black eyes. He wears a white robe with a blue moonk sash across his chest. He wears black sandals with white socks. He has an acute sense of justice and an eerie stare. He is quite skilled in combat and uses acrobatics along with quick movments to detain and defeat his target.


  • Nagaia-mu's ability is somewhat based of Monkey D. Luffy from the Anime series One Piece.

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