Nenjufujin (lit. Rosary Girl) is the Lieutanant of the Soul Guild and partner to Akaseisui.

Age 250
Height 4'2"
Weight 90 pounds
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Partners Akaseisui
Affiliation Gotei 13
Team Soul Guild; First Team
Occupation Lieutanant
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown

Akaseisui (Adoptive Brother)


Nenjufujin wears a standard shinigami uniform, consisting of a black hakama and hyori. Over it, she wears a smaller grey shall similar to Akaseisui. She has long blonde/brown hair and blue eyes. Around her neck is a large bead necklace, that stores Reaitsu.


Nenjufujin is fun, carefree, and childish. She has a fun outlook and doesn't like to work. She likes to eat candy and play games. She also has been known to be an active member in Shingami's Woman Association.


Shunpo- One of her best traits, she can effectivley use Shunpo. Her speed rivals that of her Captain.

Kido- Another one of her best skills, Nenjufujin can use high leveled Kido with ease.

Enhanced Strength- Despite her size, she is fairly strong. She can effectilvy lift large boulders, people, etc.


Nenjufujin's Zanpakuto is called Ikusen Bi-zu (lit. Thousand Beads). It is sealed as her Rosary Beads that hang from her neck. The release phrase is Uradzuke Touhou (lit. Support Me).

Shikai- In Shikai, Ikusen Bi-zu becomes a katana with a circular guard and pink handle. The katana constatnly releases a Light Red/Pink/Lavendar Reaitsu. In Shikai, she gains the ability to fire Reiatsu blasts at long/med/close range. She can also effectively turn invisible by refracting light around her.

Shikai Abilities

Bakuha (lit. Blast)- Nenju will fire a blast of energy from her Zanpakuto and high speed.

Inbijiburu (lit. Invisible)- Nenju will refract the light around here by transmitting reiatsu. From this, she will mold into the background color. She can use this for easy infiltration.

Bankai- Not yet achieved


  • She is similar to Yachiru, former 11th Division Lieutanant.

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