English Translation Malice Striker
User Unknown
Shikai Abilities Energy absorption
Shikai Unknown
Shikai meaning Unknown
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown

Nidhogg (ニドホグ; Nidohogu) was a legendary zanpakutō of Soul Society that was sealed in an undisclosed location, separate from its sister blade Vedrfolnir. It was said to hold the power of "earth and physical strength," though the exact meaning behind those two words remain uncertain. The seal that held the zanpakutō was very complex, requiring at least a kidō master in order to crack.

The Seal

Placed under a seal located deep within the Rukongai on the direct orders of then Commander-General Yamamoto, the sealed blade that holds the spirit of Nidhogg remains invisible to all neigh the incoming spirits from the human world. They see a thick mist shrouding an area so intensely that nothing could be seen within it. Within its center, a stone statue of a wyrm stands. Inscribed at its base was the basis of the seal, split into nine parts. The difficulty of breaking these seals are so strong that it takes nothing less than a master of kidō to be able to take a shot at defeating them. To fail in breaking the seals is to die a painful and horrifying death, a text description warned.

The seal breaking incantation is as follows:

"In the depths of Náströnd, corpses gather. / Resting beneath all living things, the wyrm / Awaits the heaven's message. / It arrived, the message says: 'Awake and hear me!'"
—Seal breaking incantation

Personality and traits

As an impatient and overly proud zanpakutō spirit, Nidhogg has hated the shinigami for imprisoning him for some thousand years. Nidhogg is not a very trusting spirit, and weary of those who wield him in battle. He has a tendency of urging his wielder to act boldly and rashly, and taunt him or her if the holder contemplates failure or inability to succeed in oneself.

Powers and abilities

The zanpakutō holds the power to sap energy from its victims after a single cut, using the opening of the injury to drain the said energy. The more open injuries on the victim, the greater the amount of energy being drained. This is a continuous ability, and cannot be easily countered, since energy cannot be created or destroyed. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with Vedrfolnir's without Ratatosk's help.

Behind the scenes

Nidhogg is named after a wyrm that lives beneath the Yggdrasil Tree, said to eat the roots of the tree. This inspired the zanpakutō Nidhogg's ability to drain energy from its victims.

The seal breaking incantation is designed to be spoken in iambic pentameter, specifically in the blank verse style.

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