Nihongo (日本号 lit. "Japanese Issue") Nihongo is a poison type zanpakuto


Nihongo's sealed form is nothing more than a regular katana with a light orange hilt and sheath. Its guard is shaped like two semi-circles with the flat end facing outward.


Nihongo's shikai is activated by the command "O Nomu" (を飲む lit. "Drink Up"). Its released state looks like an ordinary spear with the exception that the blade at the end is in the shape of a large hollowed out circle. Both the outside and inside of the circle are sharpened.


Nihongo's ability comes from the poison it slowly secretes into the air. This poison can also be transfered more efficiently through direct contact with the enemy. Its poison is slow working only lethal in extreme doses. It has a similar effect to hard alcohol. The effected individual first begins to lose their vision, then their motor skills slow until they can't stand any longer, and finally, if the battle still isn't over, they will die. The circular hole in the center of the blade is useful for decapitation and removing limbs.


Nihongo has yet to achieve its bankai.


Nihongo is one of the three legendary Japanese spears along with Tonbogiri and Otegine. Nihongo's ability is derived from a Japaese folktale when the Daiymo lost his spear, named Hihongo, in a drinking contest.

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