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Noire Terre (French lit. Black Land; のいれ 手零/Noire Terei, Japanese lit. Hand Zero) world where sinful souls are sent as punishment.


Norie Terre is the name of the world that occupies the region between Hell and the Earth. The forces of Hall have no jurisdiction over it and neither does the Soul Society; it is a neutral zone. The land of Noire Terre never changes and is perpetually mute in colour. All matter, just as it is in the Soul Society, is composed of reishi. There is no wind, no clouds, no weather, no animals and although there are trees and grasses (though no flower) nothing can grow. If a tree is cut or grass upturned, then at the point of destruction the separated matter dissolves into reishi particles and reforms back into it's natural form. The colours within Noire Terre are all in dark tones: dark green leaves and grasses, dark wood, pale sky etc. The only beings that exist within Noire Terre are the souls of sinners which are sealed within decayed corpus and are at that point called Malâme (lit. Evil Soul). The entirety of Noire Terre is devoid of stimulus for the purpose of punishing the sinners by denying them the luxury of 'living', which they had previously abused while on Earth, and forcing them to merely exist.

There are three gate that lead to Noire Terre: Kiketsu Gate (Soul Society), ... (Hell), ... (Earth).

Originally all souls, good or evil, were allowed to pass on to the soul society but this caused turmoil within the Rukongai. Many eons ago the soul society and the armies of hell were entrenched in a massive war. This war lasted centuries and yet neither side was able to make any lasting progress. Eventually both sides agreed to a truce. But of course the truce was conditional with one of the conditions being to designate a neutral zone between demons and soul reapers, Noire Terre, and that all corrupt souls be sent to spend the rest of their existence there.


  • All names relating to Noire Terre are French in origin.
  • coincidentally, the ancient Mesopotamians called their afterlife Dark Earth which is basically what Noire Terre means.

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