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Ovada Yatsumaru
Odava Yatsumaru
Age Around 1000
Birthdate Unknown
Height 7ft.
Weight 212 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Partners None
Affiliation Yatsumaru clan
Previous Affiliation None
Team n/a
Previous Team None
Occupation General, Prince
Previous Occupation(s) None

(Father)Maikun Yatsumaru, (Mother)Choso Yatsumaru, (Uncle)Krill Yatsumaru, (Younger Sister)Novini Yatsumaru, (Younger Brother)Kōsō Yatsumaru, (Nephew, Deceased)Vridow Yatsumaru, (Decendants)Kriegstun Yatsumaru, Sadow Yatsumaru, Z'Ive Yatsumaru, Furi Yatsumaru, Tenrai Yatsumaru, Spike Yatsumaru, Tai Yatsumaru


He has short white hair and blue eyes with several red tattoos aligning his eyelids, biseps, and back areas. He often wears a light-version of the traditional Yatsumaru black leather uniform.


He is extremely proud of his clan and is a firm believer in their indestructibility. In battle he is brutal and does not even hesitate when it comes to killing civilians. He looks up to his father, Maikun, though belittles Nevini and Kōsō. In regards to the Kawahiru clan, he treats them as bothersome pests rather then a formidable opponent, despite having waged war with them for a solid 1,000 years.


He is a son to Maikun and Choso Yatsumaru and the General in the clan. He was appointed General after killing the former General in a duel. He was eager to go to war with the Kawahiru clan, and even pulled back all the troops attacking other clans to prepare for the battles ahead.



Sekitsui (関つい, Careless Gate): Odava's Zanpakutō takes the appearance of a katana with a red handle, red sheathe, and red streak down the blade. He usually keeps it carried on his back.

  • Shikai: It's release command is "Cringe!", The blade becomes more jagged and worn.
Shikai Special Ability: Upon striking an enemy, the closest bone in that area cracks. In combination with his sadistic attitude, he is quite effective with this style.
  • Bankai: Unnamed. Upon release, Sekitsui becomes an indestructible pair of bone armour for Odava. He can also manipulate this bone structure to form shields, axes, and spears.

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