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Kai's eyes slowly drifted open. He found himself in a pod of some sort inside a white room with a dome ceiling. With a jolt he remembered what had happened and then realized something and thought, Was it all some crazy dream?

He tapped into his power over darkness and tried to shoot a blast at the wall. It obviously wasn't a dream as he did shoot a blast of dark energy... and blasted part of the wall into bits.

A note was on the ground. Kai walked over to it and picked it up. It read: It wasn't a dream, it happened in your heart go forth Sage of Hearts...

Kai noticed a black cloak on the ground a picked it up. He put it on and noticed Ashiki nearby as well. He turned his sword into light and walked out of the building and found himself in a village. He quietly walked out of the village and into the forest that lay in the village's outskirts.

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