Okashii Nakama
Nakama Okashii
Age Unknown
Birthdate September 15th
Height 4ft, 6in
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 6th Division
Occupation 7th Seat
Previous Occupation(s) 11th Seat, 13th Division



Okashii wears the standard Shinigami Uniform. Her hair is blue and she is always smiling. Her Zanpakuto is placed on her left leg.


Okashii is a happy girl, who sees fighting as nearly a game of tag. But instead of barely touching the other, she cuts the opponent until he/she is unable to continue. When she can no longer "play" with her opponent, she walks away to find someone else. When she is not playing with her opponent, she sends off Kido to injure them before she attacks with her Zanpakuto.


Powers and Abilities

Kido User: She is good with Kido and practices it a lot.

Skilled Speed: Okashii is a skilled Flash Steps user. She is a self-claimed master in Tag game.

Weak Strength: Okashii does not focus on strength during training, as it's usually her victory anyway.



Hasami in Shikai

Hasami (Scissors) is Okashii's Zanpakutō which takes the form of a katana.

Shikai: The release command is "Cut". It changes chape to a great, weird-looking scissors.

Shikai Special Ability: Hasami's blades are practicly indestructible, but is still no match against a Captain-level Shinigami. It can cut through almost anything and can also shield off a weak Kido. Okashii's fighting style with Hasami is teasing the opponent by giving them small cuts all over their bodies.

Bankai: Not yet achieved


  • Okashii spends a lot of time, fixing her nails.
  • She likes teasing people around her.


  • "You can't hit me"
  • "Oops! A cut!"
  • "My nails look so pretty"

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