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After deciding to work alongside the Gotei 13, Seireitou returns to the Human Realm to think things through.

Seireitou was walking around the dark streets of Karakura Town. It was night, you see, as Seireitou arrived at his old apartment. Slowly going up the stairs, he arrived at his apartment complex, looking around. Things remained the same, even his gigai was still there in the closet. Putting it on, he rested in his old bed. He had forgotten the luxuries of the Human world, as he rested in his comfy bed. Slowly closing his eyes, he fell asleep. However, this was short lived, as a thud came to the roof as something came crashing through the roof. No, not something, but someone. It was a blue-haired girl, wearing miko clothing. As she landed, her breasts landed ontop of Seireitou, as he struggled to breathe. Swiftly, he pushed the girl off, as she landed on her butt on the floor next to the bed. She winced, "That hurt..." she muttered. Seireitou gave an annoyed look, "What the hell was that for?!" he comically yelled. Shiori's eyes widened, "You can see me?" she asked, surprised. Seireitou became even more annoyed, releasing his spirit from the gigai. "Of course I can, I'm from the Soul Society as well." he retorted.

The girl looked at him, "Oh, I see. Haha, I am sorry for messing up like that." she apoligized, feelings kinda nervious and awkward. Seireitou sighed, "Nevermind that. Just... why are you here? And also... what's with your Miko get-up? Are you with Haruki-san?" he asked. The girl widened her eyes again, "Haruki? Dunno who she is." she simply stated, giving off a cat-like smile. Seireitou, once again, was annoyed. He sighed, but... soon began to sweat. He felt a powerful reiatsu coming from the skies of Karakura. Swiftly jumping off his bed, through the window, he flew to the top of the apartment complex; the girl quickly following behind. Looking up, Seireitou's face was frozen with fear. The man above in the skies as no one other then Ryuunaku, the man from before. Ryuunaku spotted Seireitou and laughed, "So... looks like I found you, Shinigami!" he cackled.

Ryuunaku has arrived in Karakura! What does this spell for Seireitou?! And who is this mysterious girl?!

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