Birthdate January 19th
Height 6 feet, 4 inches
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation The Titans
Occupation 8th Titan


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Orpheus is the 8th Titan in Bane's elite Arrancar force called The Titans. He is the only Titan to appear so far and is currently engaged in combat with Moses Godel


Orpheus appears to be around 30 or 40 years old, sporting brown hair that falls down to his neck. He wears a typical Titan uniform, with a black and red uniform. He has brown eyes with a hint of green in them.


Orpheus is the 8th Titan in Bane's Arrancar force called The Titans.

Story 1: Phase Out and Phase In

Orpheus's first appearance is when he attacks Moses as he is about to head back to Soul Society. They fight on even ground until Orpheus uses his first release, which dazes and makes Moses light-headed, giving an opportune moment to attack. Moses decides to use his shikai against him.

Powers and Abilities

Orpheus is the 8th Titan, making him weaker then most of the others. He is the only Titan that has appeared so far to use a musical instrument alongside his Zanpakuto and the release command.

Hierro: It's assumed that Orpheus has Hierro like most other Arrancar.

Cero: It's assumed that Orpheus can use Cero.

Bala: It's assumed that he can also use Bala like most other Arrancar.


Lyre is a dual-Zanpakutō, which is both a sword that he uses for combat and a lyre he plays.

  • Resurrección: The first release is activated by the playing of his lyre and saying the release command "Play, Lyre". The opponent becomes dazed, confused and light-headed after the release. It was enough to give him an advantage over Moses Godel after it was used. It's hinted that there may be an added effect.
  • 'Second 'Resurrección: Not yet revealed, it is an offensive release however.


  • Orpheus is the only known Arrancar whose release involves him playing an instrument and saying the release command at the same time.
  • Orpheus is the only Titan revealed so far.
  • Orpheus is currently fighting Moses Godel

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