Orutikurrokin Malegenio is the ninth espada.


Orutikurrokin's number is tattooed on her tongue.


Orutikurrokin is naturally very lazy, and will only attack someone if ordered or provoked.

Powers and Abilities

Orutikurrokin's Zanpakuto has the power "Tierra" ('Earth'). This gives it the power to manipulate any earth-based material it is in contact with. It gives Orutikurrokin the ability to burrow through earth, create mountains and earthquakes.

Her personal ability is 'Pereza' (Sloth), and this gives her the ability to quickly regenerate from wounds and lost stamina by entering a state of sleep.

Orutikurrokin's Ressurecion is released with the command "Crush, Terreno Pereza!" ('Ground Sloth'). This transforms her into a creature that resembles a giant sloth. In this form she has better control over her "Tierra" ability.


  • Orutikurrokin's last name is a combination of the spanish words 'male' and 'genio' for 'evil' and 'spirit' respectively.
  • There is a slight play on words with the name of Orutikurrokin's Zanpakuto. Although "Terreno Pereza" literally means "Ground Sloth', Pereza refers to a sloth as in someone who is slothful rather than the actual animal. The actual name for it's relative the Tree Sloth translates from Spanish as 'Lazy Bear'.

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