Oscuritarte literally Dark Arts, is an anicent form of magic similar to Kido used by the Mente Falciatore. It is ranked by power, meaning the weakest to the strongest.

Oscuritarte: Devastazione

Name- Novero 1: Bianco Fetta (lit. Number 1: White Slicer) Strength- Level 2 Description- The user will create a cast of energy over their hand and shape it into a sword. They will slice it forward slicing the target.

Name- Novero 2: Lampada Assordare (lit. Number 2: Light Stunning) Strength- Level 2 Description- The user will gather energy from the light in their hand, and release it stunning the target.

Name- Novero 3: Viziare Marchio (lit. Number 3: Ruin Maker) Strength- Level- 6 Description- The user will send a high vibration through the ground, causing a sudden outbirst between the plates. This will cause the surronding area to break.

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