Otegine (御手杵 lit. "Hand Control Beetle") Otegine is a lightning type zanpakuto


In its sealed form, Otegine looks like a regular katana. Both its sheath and hilt are light purple. The guard is shaped like a pentagon.


Otegine's shikai is activated with the command "Bundan Kourya Ku" (分断攻略 lit. "Divide and Conquer"). When released, Otegine resembles a long spear. The spear head is shaped like a circle with a large 'U' shaped portion missing from the top. The blade looks like a rounded 'U' with sharp ends, similar to a monk's spade.


Otegine's shikai ability is to control lightning. A small electic current is constantly present between the tips of the blade. When thrust forward, a small lighting bold will discharge from the head of the blade. The curved shape of the blade makes it ideal for decapitations or pinning down your enemy.


Otegine does not have a bankai at this time.


Otegine is one of the three legendary Japanese spears along with Tonbogiri and Nihongo.

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