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Huh, a day without violence... that's new, doubt it will last though... thought Oboro to himself as he sat on a cliff overlooking the coast of an ocean.

From this vantage point, Oboro saw the Order of Vizards playing on the beach, and the rest of the Kinenbuke were walking towards them, as Sei had invited them all.

Oboro would have gone down too, though he had told Ryan he couldn't come because he had some business to take care of. This was actually true however, the beach was just near the spot he needed to look at.

Oboro had seen a strange darkness in the clouds, and he had felt a strange kind of spiritual pressure the day before coming from the Dangai. He hadn't told anoyone of this however, as he wanted to discover what it was first before he told them and had them prepare for a fight. He used shunpo to reach the clouds, and began to search for the enigma he had seen.

Seireitou then looked up to where Oboro was, and flashed up to his location. "Oboro? How come your out here?" he asked, walking up to him.

Oboro turned to Sei and sighed, "I shouldn't really bother to try and look at something without you noticing should I? Well I've been noticing something's been stirring in the Seireiti, Earth, Hueco Mundo, and even the Dangai, so I've been trying to find out what it is... whatever it is it's been radiating a power that seems incrediblly familiar yet unknown..."

Oboro was about to return his gaze to the clouds when his phone started beeping. Turning it on, he looked at a message a source of his had sent. What he read seemed to startle him, and to explain it to Sei, he held his phone's screen up for him to see.

I just overheard the captain commander issue a warrant for the immediate capture of Seireitou Kawahiru, if you see him tell him to flee, he's been charged with the wounding and attempted murder of a soul reaper, who was attacked about 2-3 hours ago.

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