Pedro has blond hair and bleu eyes and is 1m92cm long. For the rest there is not much to say about he's looks.

Personalety It is not hard to piss him or make him mad so you will be kicked in the face when yoe talk to him. But he will never use deadly violence against he's fellow arrancar. HE likes a fight and is always ready to kick ass and play cards but he hates losing and sinds he is very bad at playing cards that is what allways happenes.

synopis It is not yet now in what arc he will appear.

powers an abileties

sonido: He is an arrancar so he can do sonido.

bala and cero: He is master in bala and cero.

hierro: He is an arrancar so he has hierro.

pesquirra's: good developed.


In its normal state does it look like a dark blade.

NAME: diablo mago (devil mage)

RELEASE COMMAND: habikoru ranma(spread chaos)

POWERS:in he's ressurected form Pedro's ceros can be fired much faster and he can absorb and then fire back the opponents kido ant zanpakto skills.


pedro ressurection

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