Pesante Catena (lit. Heavy Chains) is a Vivo who lives in Specchio Mondo.

Pesante Catena
Age N/A
Birthdate October 24th
Height 6ft 4in
Weight about 130
Gender Male
Species Vivo
Affiliation Speechio Mondo
Occupation Shinigami
Previous Occupation(s) none


Pesante wears a black shinigami hakama, unlike his fellow Vivo. One arm is wrapped in a cloth that radiats energy. He has a purple headband with a spiral symbol on it. He carries his Zanpakuto on the left side of his waist.


Pesante is quite childish and likes to play around. He acts similar to a 12 year old and enjoys flirting with woman. He tends to imagine ordinary woman with exterordinary features (i.e. Large Chests, Huge Butts etc.)


Velocita- The equivalent to Flash Step, Pesante is quite skilled with Velocita.

Acciaiopezzo (lit. Swordplay)- The art of swordsmanship in which Pesante is quite skilled. He handles a two hand katana with grace.

Vast Spiritual Pressure- He has large amounts of Spiritual Pressure that he stores and releases it with ease.


Pesante's Zanpakuto's name is Letale Sciopero (lit. Fatal Strike). The handle is wrapped in a purple fabric and the guard is shaped as a shuriken. The release phrase is Assalto (lit. Attack).

Shikai- In Shikai, Letale Sciopero becomes a black handle with a scorpion tail. The blade of the tail is long and constatly drips poison.

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