Positivo Bache is one of the two twin Arrancar, her brother being Negativo Bache.


Positivo appears as a small human girl with black hair up in pigtails. Her eyes are a light magenta color and she wears a white top that goes around her lower back and is held up around the neck by a string. She has a short white skirt, under it she wears a pair of knee long pants. Her hollow hole is on her stomach, and her mask remains are a hollow eye shaped piece over her left eye.


Positivo is a very outgoing girl. She dislikes fighting and likes talking to her opponents. She however is extremly powerful, probably stronger than her brother Negativo. She enjoys drinking tea, and occasionly sake. On more than one occasion, she has been seen drunk.


Sonido- She is skilled at using Sonido, being faster than Soifon by a long run.

Hierro- It is unknown how strong her Hierro is, because it is stated that she has never been dealt a hit in any battle.

Cero- She is skilled at using Cero, being able to use different types and variations of Cero.


Her Zanpakuto's name is Blanco Tigre (lit. White Tiger). The handle is white and has a pink ribbon tied to the end of it. There is no guard and she wears it on her right waist.

Ressurection- Her Ressurection is unknown


  • She is one of the few siblinged arrancar.
  • She is very old, despite her appearance being one of the first ever arrancar.
  • She was at the attack on Karakura town but left eraly in hopes of getting a drink and not dying.


  • "Hi Everyone!"
  • "Look out cause Positivio's HERE!"
  • "Want some sake, sexy" (when handing a bottle of Sake to Toshiro, took place during the attack on Karakura town but was never shown).

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