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At a tree in a plain, a beatnik waited for someone, someone he was waiting for an hour...

"Dammit!" growled Baphomet to himself.

Nemo was the first to awake. His pod opened, the glass like petals fell to the floor as he stumbled out and tried to gain his balance. He brushed his new longer hair form his face. “I’m……I’m awake……..awake.” Nemo turned to see the others still sleeping, “They still need time……time to wake up.” Nemo walked to the door and stepped into the light to feel the presence of a demon off in the distance.

Baphomet groaned as whoever it was was not showing, he pulled out an Mp3, and put on the headphones, and listening to "California Dreaming", moving his head to the rythme and laying on the branch.

Nemo walked out into the plains, the air blew over him and seemed to give him new life. He continued on until he caught sight of the demon, his face as frustrated and tired. Nemo could also here the music he was playing in his ears from his position. “You who are you?” Nemo asked still groggy.

Baphomet groaned, his demon ears were able to pick up the sound, even when drowned by music. He looked at Nemo and groaned again. He took off his headphones and dropped to the ground. "Tell me who you are, in case you haven't noticed, kiddo, I am wating for someone!" he groaned.

Nemo hugged his head. His ears still weren’t used to loud noises. “Nemo Varis……but who are you waiting for?”

"A girl, she said she was meeting me here, but she is really late!" groaned Baphomet.

Nemo was getting confused. He looked back towards the chambers, it was underground but Nemo still feared its discovery. "Sorry but I need you to leave, my friends still need their sleep, you might disturb their respite.”

"Not until my date arrives, numbnuts!" growled Baphomet.

“Date?” Nemo was loosing the train of thought. “I said you need to leave you can meet your friend somewhere else Now go!”

"But she lives here, jackwad!" growled Baphomet.

“Who?” Nemo said regaining his former temper.

"Eva, she's always late, but it's just a fact of life," sighed Baphomet, "You know her?"

(Sighhhhh, Dear we never made that official. Eva’s with the rest of them, sleeping she or I never agreed to a date.)

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