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Raikoutaishou (虹霞, Lightning General) is an average katana with a simple rectangular hand guard and greyish-blue hilt. It is the zanpakuto of Kakashi Hikaru

  • Shikai: It's release command is "Fry them all". Upon which, it becomes a large black battle ax capable of doing heavy damage. The axe is heavy ,however, and causes him to move at slow speeds.
  • Bankai: Luminoso Raikoutaishou (Shining Lighting General); After saying "Bankai", a large black dragon appears behind Kakashi. His zanpakuto itself doesn't change at all. The dragon shoots large arc of lighting at Kakashi's opponents and is able to overwhelm most captain-level opponents, however, the lighting requires 2 full minutes to charge up again. He can only remain in bankai for around 10 minutes, meaning he can use this blast only 5 times.

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