Raviel is one of the three blades which forms the ultimate weapon. Raviel's location is somewhere in Hueco Mundo. Raviel is known as the Lord of Phantasms.


Raviel was once part of the ultimate zanpakuto, until it was broken and the part that became Raviel went to Hueco Mundo.

Raviel is the only on of the three who could use his power against his guardian. Raviel used his ability in order to seal the original Matteus and create a new one under his command.

Abilities and Powers

Raviel's sealed form is a sword with a blue hilt with sapphire stones in it.

It's command is "Your descent shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted lands, and with the coming of your horror, those who shall draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber", then followed by saying, "the Lord of Phantasms, Raviel".

Raviel's ability is hypnotism and illusions. He is able to decieve the King by making another Matteus and sealing the original one.

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