Jessica and Sanji rush through Hueco Mundo's deserts to reach the home of Ryan's contacts. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Lucia has beaten Tuari even further into the ground. Gyoumaru and Gousuke had arrived where Ryan's group was, which was around a mile from Lucia and Tuari's location, and had defeated his group with ease. Now both shinigami groups are on the border of death. Will these contacts of Ryan's be their saving grace?

Jessica finally reached her destination, a small base, hidden inside a cave in Hueco Mundo was where Ryan's arrancar contacts were suppose to be. Outside the cave entrance stood a female arrancar with reddish-brown hair. She seemed to be half asleep and may have been guarding the entrance, but she quickly changed attitudes and took on a defensive stance when she saw Jessica and Sanji approaching. "What do you punks want?" she asked in a bitter voice. Jessica simply showed the badge of the Hollow Research Institution and the arrancar woman nodded and then ushered them into the base. They were brought into a room that greatly resembled the throne room of Las Noches. On the throne seat was an arrancar that resembled Ichigo somewhat, and below him were eight other arrancar. The female arrancar joined them and whispered to the one on the throne something before he spoke, "Welcome friends of Ryan. I see you have found the secret Espada base. I am Parvulo Rey and below me are the nine other Espada. Allow me to introduce them, please meet Vano Reina, Xeltra Luposse, Sati Dokkem, Nombre, Mastemia Dokkem, Divino Bayo, Unjou, Halcón and Diabound Kernel." he said pointing out each Espada. Jess and Sanji greeted each Espada and then Jessica went on to explain her husband's situation to the Espada. When she finished, Parvulo again spoke, "Well, I guess it's time to go save my rival instead of the other way around."

Tuari, in the meantime, had finally beaten Lucia. "I told that bitch she couldn't handle my bankai's special attack." Tuari huffed as she passed out and turned back to her regular form. Ryan had been beaten, he was unconscious and the others were now helpless against the might of the arrancar. The Espada arrived at Tuari's location and picked her and her troops up before transporting back to their base. Back at the site of Ryan and co., Gyoumaru was about to finish the group off with his cero, when his hand was caught and there beside him, stood Seireitou "Jiàoshén" Kuchiki.

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