Rei Miu
Age 17
Height 5'7"
Gender Female
Partners Unknown
Occupation Lieutenant of the 12th Division


Rei is the lieutenant of the 12th division of the Gotei 13 and the sister of Miku Miu.


Under Construction


Rei has layered black hair that reaches to the middle of her back and wears a regular Shingami outfit.


Rei is shown to be the opposite of her captain Seikyo Kawahiru. Where as he is loud, rebellious, easily angered, and impulsive, she is feisty, compassionate, warm, and friendly. But despite her compassionate personality she is a brave person to know ends.


Angel Wings: Rei has a special ability that no other shingami has ever achieved. She has been shown to be able to sprout angel wings to fly with.

Manipulation Techniques: Rei can manipulate ice, and to an extent, manipulate time and space.


Kyohaku (Star) is Rei's Zanpakuto. When sealed it is a regular katana.

Shikai: Kyohaku's release command is "Fall from the Heavens, Kyohaku." When released it becomes what appears to be a pin wheel of angel wings attached to her wrist. In fact it is a ranged weapon that acts much like a boomerang. When shot at an enemy it hits and then flys back.

Bankai: Kyohaku's Bankai has not been shown and it is unknown if she has even learned it yet.

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