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"No matter how great you make yourself sound, you're still just a naive boy who's all talk and who only dreams of victory in his head."
— Seireitou Kuchiki to Ryun

Ren Kagamaru
Age appears 14
Height 5ft 0 in
Weight 100 lbs
Gender male
Species mod soul
Partners currently unknown
Affiliation currently unknown
Previous Affiliation ?
Occupation Mod soul, performs odd tasks, usualy not involving battle.
Previous Occupation(s) unknown


Ren Kagamine ( Kagamine Ren 加賀丸 漣 lit "In company of the flower buds" , english dub "Len Kagamaru" ) is a mod soul seen with many different people through the Seireitei and Earth. While he has exeptional fighting prowess, he was created, and exells mostly at, rather odd tasks such as domestic talents like cleaning and the abillity to fix and build things. He is not comical as Kon would be, but his common errors and way of life enlighten the mood of things.


  • This character was inspired and shaped off of the Vocaloid Len Kagamine

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