Ren Kuchiki
Ren Kuchki
Age 97
Birthdate December 31st
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 111lbs
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 6th Division
Occupation Lieutenant of the 6th Division
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
  • Related to the Kuchiki Family


He appears to be very young and has black hair like most of his family. He wears clothes similar to his captain except for the skull hair pin he wears.


Ren is highly energetic and enjoys a good fight more than anything. However the fact that he likes to misbehave angers his cousin Byakuya. In battle he tends to put up a front that he is weak and then strike while the opponent's defenses are down.


Zero Division Recruitment Arc

He was just recently appointed to his posistion after Renji left

Second Coming of Aizen Arc

During the third chapter of the arc he is seen with Michio, Zukia, Umi and Keiji at the portal to Hueco Mundo. during the argument between Keiji and Zukia he began to insult Zukia stating that Zukia only disliked Keiji because he took Byakuya-Kuchiki's place as captain. He was then struck backwards by Hado# 1 by Michio. Keiji warned Ren that Michio was extremely powerful and someone like him was not to be taken lightly.

In the Long Live the Angels of Hueco Mundo chapter he attempted to battle the arrancar along with Umi though Zukia held him back saying that he wants his leitenant to learn how to be strong.

Later on in the chapter Burning Desert he went off with his captain to see if they could find anymore of the Espada. Turns out the 10th Espada named Blanca NuVera had been watching them from afar. Ren attempted to fight Blanca but was forced to move back after Captain Keiji ordered him to stay out of the fight.

Keiji did manage to win against Blanca but the sudden arrival of Vampiro caused Keiji to lose. Ren fought back in the captains place and managed to land a damaging blow. But Vampiro easily recovered. The rest of the battle is never seen but it is implied later on that they were captured by Vampiro and brought back to the Espada Leader's palace.

Powers and Abilities

Kido Expert: He has a great knowledge of Kido due to Byakuya being his former teacher.

Flash Step Expert: He has a great knowledge of Shunpo due to Byakuya being his former teacher.

Ambidextrious: He is able to wield his Zanpakutō efficently with both hands

Assasinations Expert: Even though he is not a member of the Special Forces he has been given various missions of assasination.


His Zanpakutō takes the form of a long katana with a redish orange hilt. The name is unknown.


  • By the honor of my clan
  • Shut up, you're in my way

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