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Renato Cidra
Renato Cidra
Name Renato Cidra
Kanji レナートシドラ
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Race Arrancar
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
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Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes Scarlet
Hair Red
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Professional Status
Affiliation Espada
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation 4th Espada of Kamui's Arrancar Army
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Espada
Previous Team Unknown
Partner N/A
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Marital Status {{{marital status}}}
Relatives None
Education {{{education}}}
Status Active
Resurrección {{{resurreccion}}}

Renato Cidra (レナートシドラ, Sitra Renato) is an Arrancar in Kamui Kawahiru's Espada, and holds the title of Cuarta Espada (4).



Renato is usually depicted with a stoic, emotionless look. He is a loner who shows no emotional attachment, yet shows unbending loyalty to his master Kamui. Given the Espada members' frequent bickering, he often restrained them, and encouraged better relations among members. Similar to former Fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer, he has shown signs that he is a firm believer in the concept of materialism, which also connects to his aspect of death as an Espada, nihilism. Apparently, Renato likes to keep himself in a calm and peaceful state of mind as he is usually in a special meditation room where he awaits his orders from there.


Powers & Abilities




  • Renato's first name can be translated as To Rise Again (再び上昇するには; Spanish literally "A Subir de Nuevo")

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