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This arc is a fan fiction occuring after the initial reveal of the Arrancar and Ichigo's vizard training, but prior to Orihime's kidnapping. The focal Character is the rouge shinigami Akashi, other Character's that feature prominently include Renji Abarai, Uryu Ishida, and Byakuya Kuchiki

Author's Note

I'd appreciate any feedback and if you are interested in using Akashi in your own plot line let me know, this is the only arc I plan on doing that involves his interactions with traditional canon. Leave comments on my talk page


1.A Dark Figure Appears, and The Seireitei is Disrupted!

2.The Battle Begins: Renji versus Akashi!

3.Straight and Flush, Akashi’s Strategic Attacks!

4.Renji Falls in Battle, Can Uryu Defeat Akashi?

5.Uryu’s Great Plan, The Full Powered Quincy!

6.Byakuya Finally Arrives, Akashi’s Bankai Revealed!

7.A Look into the Past: The Truth of the Brothers!

8.The Deceiver Attacks! Akashi Alone in Battle!

9.The Battle Ends! Akashi’s Regret.

10.The Trial of Akashi Kuchiki.

11.Return to the Present , The Battle of the King and the Lotus.

12.Bankai’s Second Stage His Unbreakable Skin.

13.Akashi's Renewed Strength, Byakuya's End?

14.Another Deadly Technique: The Royal Flush!

15.The Fox and the Dragon, Akashi’s sinister copies.

16.The Blade of a Demon against the Untouchable Blade.

17.Ichigo Parries: the Unblockable Blade Repelled!

18.The Dancing of Petals and Cards, the Battle of the Brothers Ends

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