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This arc takes place after the events of the Second Coming of Aizen Arc. With the Espada dissolved, Hueco Mundo has gone back to being a dry, leader-less, desert. However, five arrancar, calling themselves "the Arrancar Five", have appeared on the scene with a plot to destroy the Shinigami who have, in their minds, "brought disgrace to Hueco Mundo and it's inhabitants." The Soul Society has caught wind of this plot and sent both the 10th Division and the 11th Division to combat this new arrancar threat.

The Arrancar Five are listed here.


1. The Beginning of a New Fight

Introduces a new threat to the Shinigami and the Soul Society.

2. Battle over the Rukongai

A shinigami has appeared on the scene. Who is it and can they stop Gyoumaru's rampage?

3. Return to Hueco Mundo

The 10th and 11th divisions are now prepared to take off! The battle between the arrancar and shinigami begins once more!

4. Return to Hueco Mundo Part 2

The battle heats up at Las Noches, but what is happening in the other parts of Hueco Mundo???

5. Shinigami Battle: Seireitou Kuchiki vs Ryun Toshiro

Ryun goes to the human world to track down Seireitou Kuchiki for Vizard training!!!

6. The Vizard Training of Ryun Toshiro

Ryun is trained by Seireitou and the Vizard to control Hollow Ryun's power!!!

This marks the end of the Return to Hueco Mundo arc. To see what happens next, go to The Arrancar Five arc.

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