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Reverse Hollowfication is a process used by some vizard on their Inner Hollows. It re-grows their hollow's chain of fate, allowing them to regain their humanity. A battle then occurs called the Ceremonial Fight in which the two souls fight each other in the deepest part of the vizard's inner world, in order to determine which soul becomes dominate. In rare cases the hollow will retain it's evil nature after this process though the reason for this is unknown.


The following are things that must be achieved before this process can be preformed;

  • Must have control of the Hollow Mask.
  • Must know Bankai.
  • Must be at a moment in time, where the Inner Hollow is beginning to take control again.
  • Must be able to use high level Kido in succession.
Notice!: Even with these requirements met, it is very rare that this process succeeds, please ask author before using this type of Hollowfication.

Special Kido needed for the Ritual

1. Millennial Seal

  • Description: A seal that reverses the effects of Encroachment, by either 1) sealing up the hollow hole of a hollow or 2) in the case of Inner Hollows, ties their chain of fate to an spiritual object, bringing their humanity back to them. The item gains an eye that is similar to the eye of Wdjat.
  • Incantation: Let the spirits sing of a beast that rules over all that is mystic.


Soon to come...

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