Rin Retsu is captain of the 6th squad.

Rin Retsu
Gender female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 6th Division
Occupation Captain



Rin appears in her mid-thirties, and has long white hair.


Rin is quite cold towards most people. Her nickname is the Ice-Maiden of Sereitei.

Powers and Abilities

Rin is one of the finest swordspeople in Soul Society.

Her zanpakuto, Aisuchikushou, is released with the command, "freeze". It takes on the form of a two bladed axe made of ice, which can change shape according to Rin's will.

In Bankai form, 'Blizzard Aisuchikushou' takes on the form of a great blizzard that corrodes anything it touches. With only the hilt left, Rin is able to direct this blizzard.

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