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The Ring of Four (四の輪, Yon no Wa) is one of the Royal Ring of Five Guards in the Royal Special Task Force (aka, the Royal Guard). The Ring of Four are unique to the in that they share some of the responsibilities of the Ring of Three and the Ring of Five. Like the other Royal Ring of Five Guards, the Ring of Four are powerful, but less experienced or inadequate to higher position due to personal flaws, such as brashness or impulsiveness. Like the Ring of Three, the members of the Ring of Four are not authorized to enter the royal palace, to see the royal family, or to see the Spirit King.


Rank Name Status Former Member
High Marshal Renge Yamato Fighting Yōshoku Morimoto and Hokōra Shimura Asaka Miyagi
Second-in-Command Captain Haruko Shihōin
Third Captain Maizuiichi Sutoraiku
Fourth Captain
Fifth Captain
Sixth Captain
Seventh Captain
Eighth Captain
Ninth Captain
Tenth Captain
Eleventh Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya Stationed somewhere in the Seireitei
Twelfth Captain
Thirteenth Captain

Special Duties

The duties of the Ring of Four haven't been explicitly stated, however, one of their jobs is to patrol Seireitei to keep an eye on the Shinigami.[1]


The Ring of Four's HQ is a large building complex located just outside the King's Palace. It is essentially a small town that possess everything the Ring of Four needs to operate.


Traditionally, all members of the Royal Special Task Force were former captains of the Gotei 13. Kirio Hikifune, who was a former Captain of the Twelfth Division, and Takashi Ishigawa, who was a former Captain of the Tenth Division,were two such members. However, exceptions were known to have been made, such as the case of Kazuki Ashira, better known as Ashira the Deserter, and Naoki Kawaguchi, a medicinal prodigy. Kazuki's appointment was outside of the traditional cycle of only captains being recruited into the Royal Guard.


  1. The Gallant Cook and the Gentle Lotus vs. The Blood Rose

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