Kensei Muguruma: Roxas appears to have fallen deeply in love with her former Captain. Despite this, she continues to annoy him and the two have opposite affiliations, pitting them against each other. However, Kensei has demonstrated, at certain times, to have a care for her even though she hasn't returned to the Gotei. The two have fought several times in the past, but it is shown in the "Turn Back the Pendulum" arc, he saved her from a Hollow shortly after she became his lieutenant.

Hiyori Sarugaki: Roxas and Hiyori, ironically enough, are the best of friends. They both seem to "enjoy" beating Shinji around, and they are both known to have a quick-temper, though with Roxas it is less often. They both are bossy, at times, and Roxas can be quite mean. Shortly after they became the Visored, Hiyori, in collaboration with Kensei, had to save her from a Hollow, with seemed to form their friendship.

Mashiro Kuna: Mashiro and Roxas share a common goal: Annoying Kensei. Even though with Mashiro, she doesn't mean to annoy him, the two have made it a habit, as they both believe his reaction is funny. Mashiro and Roxas tend to drift apart at times though, especially when they disagree on any subject.

Love Aikawa: Love is alot like an older brother to Roxas, and the two are often see sharing Shōnen Jump or teasing Rose. Love has shown some brotherly-actions such as rufflng Roxas' hair after speaking with her about her loneliness, teasing her about Kensei, and even "butting in" about a girls' night out she had with Lisa, and Mashiro.

Rōjūrō "Rose" Ōtoribashi: Roxas and Rose were believed to have a romantic relationship at a point, as Roxas often calls him "My Darling Rose" or "Darling", something that has become somewhat of a habit. However, the two have demonstrated on several occasions that this is merely friendly flirting and nothing more. Roxas and Rose actually appear to be best friends, as Rose has been there for Roxas when she's needed him and this is mutual.