Rugido Acuatio (lit. Roaring Waters) is the Sexta (6th) Espada in KingBarragan's Espada.

Rugido Acuatio

Sexta Espada

Sexta Espada
Age N/A
Height 7 foot 2 inches
Weight 122
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Partners N/A
Affiliation Espada
Occupation 6th Espada


Rugido wears a white no sleeve shirt with long white baggy pants. He has a black chest strap and has a open neck piece. He has black long hair and red eyes. His hollow hole is on his lower back and his Espada Tattoo is on his palm.


Rugido is usually silent, and when he talks it is always about his mission. He is extremly loyal to the Leader and will do anything for him. He never breaks his normal face and he tends to kill the mood. He finds it easier to kill his target before they can understand his motives.


Cero- Rugido, like all Arrancar can use Cero to fire a orb of condensed energy at the target.

Hierro- An ability that hardens the user Skin. This ability was shown when Rugido took a hit from Hayaisaru's Shikai and was unharmed.

Sonido- He hasn't been shown using this but is is presumed he knows this.

Stealth- He has the ability to turn invisible. It is presumed he does this by controlling the light around him.

Bala- A technique in which an arrancar can harden their spiritual pressure and fire it like a bullet.

Garganta- A portal techniqe that lets him travel through the different worlds.

Sanador- An ability that might only be known by Rugido. It is a powerful healing ability that can even replace lost limbs.


Rugido's Zanpakuto's name is Rey Corona. It is sealed as a standard katana with a purple handle and sqaure shaped gaurd. This Zanpakuto has Electrical properties and has a powerful attack in its sealed state. The release phrase is Imperar (lit. Rule).

Furia Tormenta- He will fire an electrical blast from his hand that charged in his Zanpakuto. It is strong enough to burn and rip the skin of Gin Yobirin.

Rugido Release

Rey Corona Released

Ressurection- In Ressurection, Rugido gains a white cloak over his normal attire. His original head piece becomes a more festive crown, including several gems and more design. His hair changes to a light gold color, and he also gets buffer in a way.

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