Appearance: Ruoy is about the same height as Sadow. He wears the standard Squad 9 Captain's uniform. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. His Zanpakuto hilt is yellow and white with a Square guard.

                             Captain Ruoy

Personality: He is friends with Sadow. As a Captain he is very diplomatic yet non serious most of the time, giving his Leiutenant stress. He shares Sadow's philosophical view on life and enjoys art as much as he.

History: He first appears in The Reason greeting Sadow and walking with him throughout Soul Society. They find a training ground and sparr. After that Mizumi alerts them both of a Captain's meeting. They attend and learn of another attack made by the Luna Ángeles. After that, he is seen hurrying to the position of a Garganta in Soul Society. He predicts Sadow will leave because he'll regain his memories meeting his children. He is correct in the prediction and attempts to make Sadow come back. Sadow refuses and warns Ruoy that "his time will come soon enough..."


Zanpakuto- Bijutsuteki Dezain (He refers to it as Biju for short) is Ruoy's Zanpakuto. It has a Yellow and white hilt with a Square guard and Yellow sheathe.

Shikai- In it's Shikai form, Biju becomes a mace like weapon that looks like a fan attached to a Handle. It's current abilities are unknown.

Bankai- Unknown.

Spells- His one weakness is his lack of proficiency for spells. His Leiutenant compensates for being a Kido master.

Flash-Step expert- Being a Captain, he is very great at Flash-Steps.

Intelligence- He is a profound leader and is revered by his Squad for it. For all of his career, Squad 9 is marked as one with great morale due to Ruoy's great leadership and tactical skills.

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