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The Ryuka Injiki Arc is a fanon arc created by Archie and Ahatake.

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Major Events

Primary Protagonist(s)

Primary Antagonist(s)

Secondary Protagonist(s)

Character Debuts

Zanpakutō debut




(Taiki to Ahatake) "Desayuno es dispuesto! Usted fuerza necesidad a menearse ante él gets frío!"

(Taiki to Adela) "Hmph. Pervert....First my sister fantasizes about other women, now you're plannin' on how to rape me, too?"

(Kyashi about to die) "It's all right....I've got no regrets, other than the fact that I wasn't able to see my wench of a sister die....Thank you....both."

(Ahatake after Ryuka's death) "I feel sorry for you Ryuka. You were evil but you were still a worthy opponent. I hope you get reincarnated as a good guy. Maybe we can have a little one on one. I'd like that. I'll be waiting."

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