Ryoushi Ejiki (lit. Hunter and Prey) is the Zanpakuto of Koumaru Magoichi. It is a Kido/Lightning Zanpakuto. It is sealed as a katana. He seems to have a sibling relationship with Suzembachi.

Ryoushi Ejiki
Lightning Bee
English Translation Hunter and Prey
User Koumaru Magoichi
Shikai Abilities * Hitoawa no Jutsu
  • Hachi Piripiri
Shikai Ryoushi Ejiki
Shikai meaning
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown


When sealed, Ryoushi Ejiki takes the shape of a katana with a blach and red handle with a long blade. The trimming of the blade is black. The blade is constantly flowing a black reiatsu, very timidly. When its Spirit takes a shape, it resembles a tall young man with long blonde hair with black highlights. He wears a black and yellow shirt with a black jacket. He has several ear piercings and tends to carry his Shikai state.


Ryoushi Ejiki is a music loving teenager. He has a powerful outlook and enjoys using Koumaru's ipod. He enjoys quick head banging music and often taps an imaginary drum. He hates those who demean his music and will fight for said love. He has often fought for the sole purpose of using Koumaru's ipod. It also seems he dislikes Koumaru for downloading crappy songs.


Master Swordsman- His sword fighting skills are quite good as he has mastered every form Koumaru did. He seems to have the same battle movements as Koumaru as well.

Enhanced Senses- Unlike Koumaru, his senses are heightened to that of the worlds greatest animals. He can hear far distances, see beyond the eyes limits and taste anything to its fullest. His enhnaced hearing is the reason he enjoys listening to music as he can follow every single cord to any song, with Heavy metal being one of the most difficult.


  • He greatly resembles a bee, while the Zanpakuto form does not. This may derive the relationship with Suzembachi.

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