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Ten Tailed Fox's Character
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Within Hiromasa Akamatsu
Species: Zanpakuto spirit
Gender: Male
Birthdate: September 22nd
Height: 3ft
Weight: none
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: glowing white or red
Father: Hiromasa Akamatsu (owner)
Zanpakuto and Abilities
Zanpakuto Type: Kido
Shikai: Ryukenmaru
Shikai Power: Controls blood
Chronological & Political Information
Affiliations: Amakuni
Allies: Amakuni
Enemies: Shinigami, Hiromasa Akamatsu

Ryukenmaru is the zanpakuto spirit of Hiromasa Akamatsu that appears in the Zanpakuto Escapement arc.

Character Outline

Ryukenmaru takes the form of three, small, cloaked spirits and a giant disembodied hand. They somewhat resemble miniature grim reapers. Each of the three smaller spirits seem to hold the same personality, ruthless and blood lusting. They seem quite smart however, able to devise ways of ambushing their opponents without fail. The giant hand will use Ryukenmaru's powers by turning one of the three smaller spirits into it's shikai state. It can also fire a crimson blast, similar to what happens when it's gauge is full, from it's palm.


Zanpakuto Escapement arc

Ryukenmaru is not mentioned by name but is none the less seen when Amakuni frees the zanpakuto spirits. They briefly fight with Hiromasa before leaving with their new master.

Powers & Abilities

Effective Team-work: Despite their constant disagreements with each other's plans, they have been shown to work together with no flaws. Ryukenmaru can summon the sword of their Shikai state: an even longer katana with no guard, and a long crimson hilt; they do this by turning one of the three grim reaper-like spirits into the shikai state. Ryukenmaru can also transport the sword between the three of them to the giant hand part of their spirit, even during battle, in order to confuse and overwhelm their opponent. Ryukenmaru has the amazing ability to control an opponent's body functions when they are cut. After cutting their opponent they have several options. They can completely flip the nerve readings in their opponent's body so that they cannot move their body properly. Their second option is that they can willing sap oxygen from the blood of a person they have cut. This makes the opponent more fatigued and can eventually kill them. Their third option is more simple then it is for Hiromasa. It's enormous hand will fire an equally enormous crimson blast that is so big it is nearly impossible to dodge. Ryukenmaru doesn't have to wait for it's gauge to fill unlike Hiromasa.

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