• As 3rd Seat of the 12th Divison, Ishin Kokoro walks down the hallway of the Detention Unit he stops infront of a large brutish man. "What...." said the man. Ishin held out his hand, and the ma fell asleep. As the man woke up, he felt heavy and akward. He tried to move his arms and legs but he was totally incapable. "Where- Where Am I!" he called shaking rapidly in the table. "You were implanted with a special medication. The S.A.I program" said Ishin holding up an empty glass holder and a needle. "S- S.A.I" said the man. "Its an artifical intellegence unit, inside you is a second personality. The one of Anger" said Ishin. "I'll be back in three hours to see how you progress" said Ishin exiting the room. "Mr. Kokoro is this the best method" said Nemu holding out a hand towel. Ishin took the towel and wiped his forhead. "Right know, it is" said Ishin with a smile.
  • Three hours later, Ishin re entered the room to see the man, dead on the table. "Another one incapable of the procedure" said Ishin injecting the needle into the man's neck. As he pulled up the siringe, a green liquid filled the tube. "What happened" said Nemu entering the room. "The two personalities in one mind ruined his brain. Imagine pink slush" said Ishin releasing the fluid into a glass container. "Please, put this back into the cold storage" asked Ishin as Nemu grasped the container. "And inform Mayuri about the results" said Ishin. "And the body" said Nemu. "Let the corpse control get rid of it" said Ishin exiting.
  • "Mayuri-sama, Ishin has results of the S.A.I program. "Go on" said Mayuri turning around to have his face towards Nemu. "Negative, the subject went mad and his brain collapsed from the two personalities in one mind" said Nemu. "Well, have we tried a Gigai" said Mayuri. "Ishin has informed me that we need a special Gigai, that would be able to handle the complex personalities. "... I have one in mind" said Mayuri. "Nemu, fetch Ishin. The three of us are heading to the real world." said Mayuri standing up.

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