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Saburo, who is sometimes called Takeda-shujo, is the Segunda Viende (second wind) El Elemento (the element) in Der Schopfer's Arrancar Army.


It seems when he was alive, before becoming a hollow, he was a japanese Feudal daimyo, who was a rival to the powerful Shujojirosuke Shingen-dono. His name back then was Gamasaburotakamaru Takeda-shujo. Their armies fought, as Shingen-dono believed in ruling with an iron fist, and Takeda-shujo believed in loving the land and the people, providing semi-democracy (this was a feudal era) and being kind. Eventually, at the Battle of Samurai Mask, they fought each other and died, locked in eternal combat. As Demi-Hollows, they fist-fought constantly. As Hollows, they fought. As Vasto Lordes, they rapidly ate other Hollows in hope of gaining strength over the other, and fought. After fighting for thousands of years, they became Arrancars, and grew respect for one another. Gamasaburotakamaru became Saburo, and Shujojirosuke became Jiro. Eventually he was found by Michihofo, and became his Segunda Viende. After the mutiny of a weakened Rayanone, he, Shingen-dono, Gen. Zrof, Lt. Gen. Zrofra, Luxuria, and the Sixth Espada leave to the White Ghosts of the North, the Fantasma Bianca.


His zanpakuto is sadico demonio (Spanish for "sadistic demon"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a cutlass that when it cuts something, it works as a steroid, giving someone more powerful reiatsu, which fits Saburo's nice and kind personality.


Slaughter, Sadico Demonio

  • Resurrección: Its released command is slaughter. When he releases it, he turns into an evil grim reaper hollow. His personality changes drastically, and he becomes a sadist who takes Kenpachi's love-to-fight personality to a whole new level.
Resurrección Special Ability:

Nobody really knows what he can do in this form.

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