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This article is about the manifested spirit of Haizo Aoi's Zanpakutō. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Haizo Aoi's Zanpakuto.

Saitatsu (Spirit)
Species Zanpakutō Spirit

Haizo Aoi (Owner)

Saitatsu (サイ立つ, lit. Companion Dragon) is the manifested spirit of Haizo Aoi's Zanpakutō that is seen during the Zanpakutō Escapement arc.

Character Outline

Saitatsu is shown with red hair, along with a complicated outfit, featuring a white jacket along with two yellow sashes. He has what appears to be a cloth on his hair, as well as a bandage on his left cheek. He also has striking red eyes, similar to Kunkiri. Underneath, Saitatsu wears a black shirt that is kept open as well, revealing part of his chest. He is overall considered to be teenage in appearance. He is portrayed as calm and silent, only speaking when it something of importance, as shown when talking to Seireitou. His composure is great enough to even put up with the juvenile antics of his fellow Zanpakutō spirits, even when he is caught in the middle of it. Unlike the other manifested Zanpakutō spirits, Saitatsu does not remember his name or his master.


Powers & Abilities

Shikai: Released by the command, "Bleed", Saitatsu becomes a larger Katana, with a very curved blade. His body is covered in a powerful forest green aura that causing all living beings to lose their breath for a minute.

Sankon Tessō: One of Saitatsu's most basic techniques, which allows a burst of Spiritual Energy to fire from the blade. This attack is accomplished by finding the rift, or scar, between the conflicting reiatsus of Saitatsu's wielder and the opposition. Once the rift is found, the wielder of Saitatsu can swing the sword into the rift to release a powerful energy wave that has the power to kill 100 hollow in one strike.

Expert Swordsmen: He has shown in his battle with Haizo to efficiently use his weapon against Haizo, who is himself a masterful swordsmen.


  • Saitatsu was originally a Large Green Dragon when shown in Haizo's Inner World.


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