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Sakura Getsueikirite
Name Sakura Getsueikirite
Kanji 月影切り手-桜
Romanji Getsueikirite Sakura
Race Shinigami
Birthday April 2
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'4" (162.56 cm)
Weight 86 lbs (39.01 kg)
Eyes Green
Hair Pink
Blood Type O

Professional Status
Affiliation Yonkō
Previous Affiliation Kurosaki Family
Occupation Student of Shūshi Gensaku Kaenōra
Previous Occupation Student of Hanzei Kurosaki
Team Yonkō
Previous Team Seigirīgu
Partner Yu Kawahiru
Previous Partner Rai Kurosaki Getsueikirite
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Joshua Getsueikirite (father)
Sensaina Kurosaki (mother)
Rai Kurosaki Getsueikirite (brother)
Yu Kawahiru (husband)
Alma Kawahiru (daughter)
Nayami Kawahiru Kurosaki (sister-in-law)
Sategō Kurosaki (nephew)
Education Taught by Kurosaki clan elders
Taught by Shūshi Gensaku Kaenōra
Status Deceased
Shikai Ken
Bankai Chikaku Hendō no Ken





Powers and Abilities

Reiseī User



Ken (拳, lit. Fist) is the name of Sakura's Zanpakutō. It is released with the command "Have Courage". Her Zanpakutō take form as fingerless gloves, and Sakura gains a tremendous amount of destructive power from this. She can threaten the structural integrity of a skyscraper if she put forth her full power.


Chikaku Hendō no Ken (地殻変動の拳, lit. Tectonic Fist/Fist of the crustal deformation) is the name of Sakura's Bankai.

Behind the Scenes

Sakura is based off of...well...Sakura Haruno from Naruto. In this version, she's a more tortured soul because of her parent's death, and she is fiercely loyal to her brother, Rai.