Sarinmaru (lit. Poison Nerve Gas) is the Zanpakuto of Gen'yū Abiru, Captain of the 12th Division.

English Translation Poison Nerve Gas
User Gen'yū Abiru
Shikai Abilities 4 abilities
  • Sanchuudoku
  • Gekidoku
  • Konsui Kitai
  • Kanjoudakai
Shikai Sarinmaru
Shikai meaning
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown


Sarinmaru is a very small statue looking being. He is all white with a few golden trinkets. His eyes are all white, lacking pupils. He has a long gold line going up his body. He has a large white helmet, with a golden trimming and circular piece in the center. He has a golden belt and a long white tail. A old looking book floats with him at all times, in which he is often seen sitting on it.


Sarinmaru is often quiet and speaks through buzzes and clicks. He likes to read and do experiments, often poking people to see their reaction. He often yawns, and when he does releases a poison green mist.


Movement through Air- He has a unique ability to float in mid-air, and fly instead of walking. He normally floats instead of walking and keeps his book in the air when reading. He sometimes flaots casually on his back.

Poison Release- He has the ability to release a posion toxin from his mouth, similar to his Shikai ability. He often releases it in the form of a yawn or sneeze.


  • His picture is from Shaman King character Shamash, the Spirit ally of Iron Maiden Jeanne.
  • He greaty resembles, personality wise Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Zanpakuto Ashishogi Jizo.

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