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Sarutahiko Kyan holds the Third Seat in the 2nd squad.
Sarutahiko Kyan
Age c.300
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 2nd Division
Occupation Third Seat

Mother and Father


Sarutahiko is a giant, muscular woman with large breasts and short, dark brown hair. Her heavy built face is not very pretty.


Sarutahiko is reserved and disciplined, devoted to serving Soul Society, carrying out her duty and orders and upholding Soul Society's laws. As such she is very devoted to killing hollows, believing it to be her duty and will always kill one when she has the chance. Although she usually appears quite calm and in full control of her emotions, she can be easily enraged. Due to her reserved and unsociable nature, it is difficult to make friends with Sarutahiko. Despite her seemingly tough exterior, Sarutahiko does have a strong maternal side, and wishes one day to have children very much.

Sarutahiko is a secularist. She does not believe in any god nor in any life hereafter. On the other hand she is a strong believer in fate and destiny and that everyone has a place in the universe.


Sarutahiko was originally born in Russia about three centuries ago. She died in a flood along with her mother and others while still a baby. Being an Earth-bound ghost, Soul Society was unable to locate her soul and perform the soul burial until about thirty years later. Both she and her parents settled in West Rukongai, District 40. At the age of 150 Sarutahiko enrolled in the Shinigami Academy, eventually rising to the rank of Third Seat in the 2nd division.


Although she does not socialise very much, Sarutahiko does have a number of friends, even if she doesn't let a few of them get close enough. Her closest friend is perhaps Hotaru Atsu, captain of the 3rd Division. The person she's second closest to is her own captain, Myako Mei. Other good friends include Mitsuko Yuuyou, Daniel Newton and Osamu Jaken. She's also acquainted with people like Kasumi Zenubi, Okami Jou and Shigera Shikyo.

Powers and abilities

Shunpo: Low

Kido: Her kido grades are perhaps the lowest ever recorded in Soul Society.

Kendo: Below average.

Hand-To-Hand: Sarutahiko is outstanding in hand-to-hand combat, and is perhaps one of the most accomplished in Soul Society.

Intelligence: Low.

Strength and Stamina: Sarutahiko is perhaps one of the strongest and toughest Shinigami ever recruited.

Zanpakuto: Her Zanpakuto's name is 'Ishieihi', which takes on the form of a giant stone armoured statue. Its release command is "crush your opponents," after which it transforms into a giant stone hammer. It is much more comfortable in Sarutahiko's hands in this form, and is strong enough to cause an earthquake.


Sarutahiko is named after the shinto god of the earth.

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