Sasori has blue hair wich he waires before his left eye. He waires a normal shinigami uniform with now sleeves, but he has gloves and a blue belt.

The spirit of Sasori's zanpakto looks like dark priest with little devil horns and white skin and hair. He's always reading in a book. What is in the book is unclear but Sasori thinks that he writes he's victims names in the book.

Sasori unreleased state


Sasori has a great talent for mischief and wurming he's way out of trouble. He doesn't like fighting or getting involved in somebody elses fight. But when he is in a fight he gives it his all he doesn't play with his victims and likes to finish things of as quickly as possible so he can go and chill out someware else.



powers and abilities

kido master: sasori is an exellent kido user and often uses binding spells more than destruction spells.

flash step user: sasori is good at shunpo and its at the level of matsumoto.


name: zokunen junshi (unholy martyr)

release command: Preach for destruction.

unreleased state:zokunen junshi is a short sword with a dark bleu hilt and a pentagram shaped hilt.

shikai: The blade evaporates in to a dark fog.

zanpakto abilities: This fog can cut the inner organs of an opponent witout damaging the surface causing the opponent more pain.

Sasori released state

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