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Perhaps it seems odd to find peace in this world, a world of perpetual night. It also seems strange for snow to rain down on the desert. But that was the way of things, and as the snow came closer, a presence of familiarity can be felt. But it is unidentifiable, and as such it is cast to the side. Hope fills them, but it fades, as the Kinenbuke turn to look out the window.

The Gotei 13

The First Division Captain, Captain-Commander Byakko Kirisake had called a special, emergency meeting of the Gotei 13's captains. "We have an issue." he began, "It seems that our allies, the Kinenbuke have decided to order a rescue mission for the missing shinigami, Matthew Toshiro. Of course this was against both ours' and the and the Central 46's advisement. We must act and put them back in their place." he explained. "Any questions?" The Tenth Division captain Yushio Miyasaki cleared her throat, "Ya, I have a few. For one, the Kinenbuke aren't under our's or the Central 46's jurisdiction, so who are we to interfere?" she questioned. Fifth Squad Captain, Zukia Tojiro, piped in, "Now, now Yushio, pipe down. The Captain-Commander is just tryin' to protect Soul Society." Once the captains piped down, Byakko spoke up again, "Now, I am ordering Eighth Division Captain, Kazael, Ninth Division Captain, Hikaru Kesshi, First Division Lieutenant, Ren Ninomiya, and lastly Tenth Division Lieutenant, Hiroshi Miranda to go to Hueco Mundo, invade Las Noches and defeat the Kinenbuke."...

"And do what? Die?" stated a voice from the gate. The large door opened, revealing the sarcastic grin of Matsuyama Sekura. "The Kinenbuke are powerful, and Ryan is a Xiaochu. You Shinigami aren't a match for just him alone, what makes you think you can stop them?" he asked.

Byakko stared at the new comer, "Simple, we are more organized, and far more skilled."

"You will still all die." said the large breasted beauty, known as Haruki Michiko, who was following Matsuyama. "Matsu..." she started, turning to him, "Leave the Shinigami, if they wanna fight a pointless war, then let them." she complained. Matsuyama turned to face Byakko, "Listen to me Byakko, unless you wanna start a pointless war, you'll let the Order and the Sanrao to deal with this. You Shinigami have... lost your touch." he stated, disappearing with a static swish noise, as the two Sanrao took their leave.

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