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Gintama Yoshiwara Arc03:49

Gintama Yoshiwara Arc

The Opening of this Arc


This arc takes place a few months after Bleach Otrosendero - Yūyake no Sōzōshin and follows the continuity of Bleach: The Akujin Saga. The Dangai, or Dangai Precipice World to be specific (sometimes called "The Severed World"), is the dimension between Soul Society and the Human World. It appears to have bones, scattered all across the floor, and some other more prominent skeletal remains while the entire dimension itself is dark, purple and gelatinous, moving like a creature. Hontomaru, an evil shinigami, tracks to the Dangai in order to create an artificial Memory Rosary. To do this he needs but two things; Blanks and a host for their memories. When Hontomaru kidnaps Matthew Toshiro to be the "host", Ryan Getsueikirite mobilizes the Kinenbuke from their new base in Las Noches. However, both the Gotei 13 and the Order of the Vizards see these actions as rash and move to stop the Kinenbuke. How will Ryan cope in a world where one friend is in need and all his others are against him....


Chapter 1: The Ice that Brings Back Old Friends

  • Enemies on All Sides: Decisions and Regrets: Kinenbuke has finally settled into their new base in Las Noches, with exception of Kai, who was lost in the battle against Sanagi. News reaches Ryan's ears that Matthew Toshiro has been kidnapped, and deciding to snap into action prepares himself and his team for action. However news of Kinenbuke's plans reach the Order's and the Gotei 13's ears and prepare to storm Las Noches to stop them. With enemies on all sides, will Ryan save his friend or will he be the one that needs saving or will help reach them in time, in form of ice?


  • To bring a new Memory Rosary into existance the previous Rosary, Senna, has to have completed the cycle of life and returned to Soul Society.

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