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Seird has light brown spiky hair, has gray hair and a normal white bottom but a partly sleeve less top.

Seird wears his sword at his waist and has a yellow/purple hilt and a round decorated hilt.


sword mastery: It is on espada lvl.

sonido: It is on espada lvl.

bala, cero: He can fire them the fastest of all espada.

garganta and hollow summon: He can summon them at will.

regeneration: he can regenerate himself (but not a whole bodypart, only small wounds).


name: Melena blanca

appearance: becomes a deer worrior in armour with a spear.

powers: increases the attack speed an power.

attacks: cuerpo fantasma: his body fades away sow he can get hit by fisical attacks.

ilnuva del cero: lets a rain af yellow ceros shoot out his hand.

onda de choque: shoots a bala out his whole body.

lanze ligera: trows a spear at his opponent at high speed.

cure: can heal others.
Dragon warrior by sandara-1-

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