Seishin Shuujin

Seishin Shuujin is the 3rd Seat of the 7th Division.


Seishin is hyper and friendly. He enjoys going to the real world because he beilieves that Soul Society is boring. He tends to get annoying but is liked by many. He is actually trained at dealing with people's minds and is an amazing psycologist and mental therapist.


Seishin wears a standard Shingami outfit. Under it he wears a black shirt with black pants and a white cloth belt. He wears a special mouth piece that covers his neck to the middle of his nose. He has dark skin and a large black afro. He has brown eyes and thin black eyebrows.


Seishin is from a former noble family. His grandfather gave up there title because he felt the Gotei 13 just wanted more soldiers for there vast army. Seishin thought other wise and joined in hopes of surpassing his brother. He joined and was part of the 12th Squad for about 2 and a 1/2 years and eventually joined the 7th Squad due to its practice in Psycology.


Swordsmanship Specialist- He is skilled with his Zanpakuto. His zanpakuto is generally a two handed sword but he wields it simply with his left hand.

Flash Steps- Seishin has little knowledge and trianing in using Flash Steps. He is somewhat mastered them but is not as fast as other Shingami.

Psycology- He is skilled at breaking down a targets mind. He tends to work on people as if they were his projects and makes them relieve themselves of past grief,pain,etc.

Interrogator- Seishin's favorite part of the job. He is usually tasked with Interrogating people for information. He tends to record is doings and keeps them in files located in his home. Due to his job, he knows alot about the doings of people in Soul Society.


Seishin's Zanpakuto's name is Garandou Omoi (lit. Void Mind). When sealed it takes the form of a tanto with a thin handle and flat circular shaped guard. The release phrase is Raikou (lit. Enter).

Shikai- In Shikai, Garandou Omoi takes the form of a small dagger with a black handle and metal coiled snake around the handle. The blade is flat and has a thin straight metal hole in it.

Shikai Special Abilities- In Shikai, Garandou Omoi creates a seperate world inside of its radius. It traps the user and anyone in the raidus of its Shikai in a purple sphere of nothing. However the sphere takes on propoerties of the targets mind and eventually to their liking causing them to live their dream. While enjoying themselves, Seishin will strike and kill them.


  • Seishin is of African American decesnt.
  • He is often reffered to as Afro-kun (similar to the guy who also has the afro, forgot his name)
  • He originally was a girl, but after some minor changes he became a guy.


  • "Raikou!"
  • "Do you feel the emptiness inside your heart, I do"
  • "I see"

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